Stephen Goldblatt

Born in Miami florida in 1953, Stephen Goldblatt received his BFA from the Kansas CIty Art Institute in 1975.

Early influences were as Stephen says, part DaVinci and part Disney. Sharing an equal fascination with both realism and fantasy has led the artist on a fascinating and varied career.

Since 1975 some of the areas and techniques Stephen has explored include fine art commissions, mural and tromp l’oeil, scenic design for theater as well as 5 feature films, Illustration, both 2d and 3D animation (owning a 3D animation studio for 18 years), motion graphics, photography and film. 

Working as a creative visual producer with the Cirque style group ‘Quixotic’ for the past 9 years has been a confluence of almost all these techniques merging with the world of live performance and dance. Of his varied career, Stephen says, “To be an artist means to never be bored. I have always thrived on the variety, the creative contrasts of life.”